Saturday, August 1, 2009

Samson Dsilva a well known name in the paragliding circle. He is been flying for over 10 years at various flying sites all over India. He runs a paragliding training club 'Space Apple' in Virar-Mumbai.

He is well equipped in hill flying training, winch based training and paramotoring training. Power kiting is another club activity also.

Space Apple offers tandem paragliding joyrides also. Samson has been conducting Aviation Workshops for Engineering Colleges all over India.

Virar is the closest place near Mumbai for Paragling. It is 35 min. from Borivli on the western railway route to Virar station.

Flying sites are on the east of Virar about 6km from the station.

Even if you have a bad weather day you save a lot of time on travelling.

Contact Samson on
Phone - 9822499281, 9822311459
Land Line - 0250-2586764


  1. Samson is doing wonderful job at very affordable fees. It is value for money. I have done by basic paragliding course at age of 42, with my son (12 years) - we had couple of solo flights also. It was dream coming true. Thanks Samson.

    Keep it up

  2. For all paragliding and adventure sports lovers Samson is the best help and guide in Mumbai.Great job.All the best to Samson and his team.
    Abhijit Chauhan

  3. For anyone who want to see paragliding happening in and around Mumbai - Have a visit at Samson's place at Virar, he takes flight every day

    If you want to be in air and feel like a bird with much big wings - Take a solo session at Space Apple

    If you want to have simply a joy ride - Ask Samson he'll arrange it

    If you want to learn in and out of paragliding - Be along with Samson for few days

    Want to do this all along with lovely food and homely atmosphere - Drop in at his place, he'll always welcome you

  4. Samson helps you to get you flying dreams come true in the easiest way with very personal attention. Highly recommended to those who want to be in Air.......Many Thanks N Best Regards-Sunil

  5. A perfect profile of an adventurer Samson Sir help you find the best in you by motivation and a vigorous training. During my training I learnt a lot about the course and other interesting things from him, he isn't just a teacher but a mentor to be precise..
    He's the one to contact if you are really into the Paragliding Sports..

  6. It was a fantastic experience I had in Space Apple with Samson. He gives substantial amount of personal attention to all his student and I was fortunate enough to be one of them. I did few successful Solo flights with one un-instructed flight just after a week. Altogether it was a great experience to do para-gliding in Space Apple. I Thank Samson and every one in Sapce apple for the wonderful job they did for me :)

  7. If it's adventure your seeking then Space Apple is the one stop destination.
    Don't think just go for it....